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The world has gone social media crazy.  The phenomenon has lent a strong culture toward sharing material, gathering useful data and creating greater engagement.  People power has become the most democratic way of ensuring videos, articles and photos enjoy optimum visibility.  Statistics including the number of views, volume of subscriptions and comments, from the general public, are a huge part of this.  
YouTube has become so successful that it has built a webpage to showcase these figures.  It is undoubtedly one of the first sites you think of when it comes to locating video content, whether it’s comical, educational or catch-ups that you desire. Additionally, other sites, such as Vimeo, Hulu and Veoh are following closely behind.  Some, such
Social Media News: Issue 40

1. Facebook Timeline for all

On Tuesday, Facebook announced that Timeline will soon be activated for all users.


Facebook Timeline was introduced last September at the annual f8 conference in San Francisco. In December, Facebook began giving all users the opportunity to switch over. All you had to do to get Facebook Timeline was click the ‘Get Timeline’ button on the Introducing Timeline page, rather than going through the multi-step process of creating a developer account.


Facebook Timeline, for those of us already using it, has meant a whole lot of changes and new features. Timeline neatly packages your life events in the form of photos, status updates and wall posts.



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Social Media News: Issue 39


Welcome to this week’s social media news. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


1. Wikipedia Traffic Increased During SOPA Protest Blackout


Wikipedia experienced increased traffic Wednesday, despite blacking out its English language content to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT Intellectual Property Act (PIPA).


Zscaler compared Wikipedia’s traffic midday Wednesday with its traffic the previous Tuesday. While the blackout day only saw slightly more total transactions, the number of unique visitors was noticeably increased. 


The below chart compares Wikipedia’s unique visitors on 17th Jan (in red) and 18th Jan (in green).



Wednesday’s overall transactions per hour only slightly edged ahead of Tuesday’s.



Merry Christmas from Nitro Digital! - See our top 5 favourite festive social media campaigns this year


Having had our Secret Santa and our 1920's themed Christmas Party last week, we have been feeling very festive here at Nitro Digital! We would like to therefore take the chance to say a BIG Merry Christmas to all of you lovely people out there!


To further foster this season’s festivities, we have compiled a collection of Christmas social media campaigns that have caught our eyes this past month.


1) Heineken’s Digital Christmas Tree


Heineken’s digital Christmas tree combines tradition with technology in a truly innovative way.


The 11 meter high structure in Clarke Quay, Singapore, which consists of 48 LCD screens, displays messages sent from Heineken's Facebook Page. On the page, people select a message, choose friends to tag and choose a design style for

Social Media News: Issue 37

Welcome to this week’s social media news! Hope you are all feeling festive!


Google ‘let it snow’ brings Christmas to your browser


If you're yet to get into the Christmas spirit, allow Google to help, and with a tech twist. Type 'let it snow' into the search engine, and snowflakes will start falling from the top of the screen. Not only that, the screen will start misting up too. You can even write in it by dragging the cursor, just like wiping your finger over a misted-up car window.


All I want for Christmas is…. Siri?

Apple’s new iPhone spot does an unusual thing for an advertisement: It doesn’t mention the iPhone at all. The advert is a commercial for the iPhone 4S’s digital assistant, Siri, used by Santa himself!



KML to offer mile-high dating via

Social Media News: Issue 35


Welcome to this week's social media news!

YouTube Gets a New Look


Since Thursday, YouTube revealed a new more 'Google-like' look that reflects the design of other Google products. The New YouTube is all about channels, how you use them, make them, curate them and more. Google states on the Get more into YouTube page, ‛We’ve given YouTube a refresh. When you login, you’ll be greeted with recent activity from your subscriptions. You can also browse and add new Channels to your homepage. Connect with Google+ and Facebook to share your favourites with friends. There’s plenty to discover, so login and give it a spin“. To take a tour of the new YouTube, watch the video below.



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Social Media News: Issue 32

Welcome to this week's social media news! Google+ Launches Branded Pages Last Tuesday, Google+ launched branded pages, which allows businesses and brands to join the Google+ network. Unlike on Facebook’s branded pages, on Google+ brands cannot hold competitions and promotions on their pages, they can however make use of Google’s group video chat feature ‘Hangout’ to connect with their consumers and business partners. The pages currently only allow the creator of the page to make edits, but multiple-admin options are promised to be available shortly.What are your thoughts on Google+’s new branded pages? Let us know by commenting below. Disney to sign a deal with YouTube Disney and YouTube are set to announce a content partnership worth $10million to $15million, The New

The rise and rise of visual data

Visual data is nothing new; graphs and images have helped us understand data for thousands of years, from cave paintings to pictogram style road signs to weather maps on television. Infographics as an art form has its origin in print, but an explosion happened in 2009 around digital infographics, and we haven’t looked back since.Production of infographics began to rocket during late 2009, and have continued to escalate in the two years since. While the volume of static infographics has blossomed, so too has the volume of animated infographics, from 454 in 2009 to 9,570 in 2010, and so far this year, 25,700 animated infographics. Animated infographics tell a story in a way that flat infographics can’t. They present statistics, geographical information, and conceptual ideas in an

Social Media News: Issue 31

Google+ to launch brand pages soon In July this year, Google asked brands to hold off using the consumer version of Google+, telling them that a version for businesses and brands would be launching towards the end of the year and it looks like this promise will soon be materialised.Speaking at the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco, Vic Gundotra, Google's senior vice president, engineering, is reported to have said that brand pages will be arriving on the platform soon, ‛with clever surprises“. Will your company be using Google+ brand pages? Promoted tweets work ‛better than expected“ Last month, the social media world saw confirmation that promoted tweets worked despite being referred to as ‘intrusive’ by many social media analysts. This time around, there is

Social Media News: Issue 24

Welcome to this week’s social media news. Hope everyone had a nice sunny weekend! Twitter beats Facebook for Financial Groups According to a survey conducted by Corporate Insight, Twitter has now surpassed the social networking market leader, Facebook, as the most popular third-party network used by finance companies. At the start of August, just over two-thirds of the 85 companies examined across the banking, credit cards and asset management sectors had a presence on Twitter, up from 57 percent 10 months earlier. Over the same period, the percentage of finance firms with Facebook pages increased from 56 to 59 percent.A senior analyst at Corporate Insight explained, ‛in our opinion, Facebook is more of a relationship-driven community, whereas Twitter is more content-driven.