Trees Tweet!

Trees Tweet! Tired of trying to keep all of your social media channels updated? Running out of ideas and fresh content that will keep your followers coming back on a regular basis? Eos magazine know exactly how you feel...and they have decided to go back to "grass roots" to tackle the problem. They've enlisted the help of a tree...and this tree has an awful lot to say!Fitted with sensors, a computer, a web-cam and a wi-fi centre (just to name a few of the gadgets), the tree, based in Brussels, outputs all manner of content that can be found on YouTube, Soundcloud and Flickr with a feed on Twitter that makes sense of the data from all of the on-tree gizmos for it's 3000+ followers. Tree life finally comes to social media and hopes to highlight the impact of carbon emissions in light of an

Social media in Space

Is it just me that finds it amazing astronauts are able to use social media in outer space? I suppose I still have the image of an isolated and lonely astronaut staring at that little blue sphere in the distance wondering how their family are doing without them – perhaps I should stop thinking their experience is like something out of Apollo 13 and wake up to the reality. Astronauts are not only able to browse the web when they are out there on their own but they are making the most out of social media to keep themselves connected with life on Earth. At the end of January this year, astronaut Mike Massimino sent the first real-time tweet from space and the NASA account pings out regular tweets. This is all down to some amazing technology which NASA explained as the personal Web

From Luddite to S and M Virgin. By Andrew Langford

Welcome to the first in our 'Guest Blog' series. We will be covering a range of topics that relate to the use of digital resources in a variety of work environments. This post is by Andrew Langford, the CEO of the patient advocacy company Skin Care Campaign, a charity that educates the public, healthcare staff and the government about skin conditions and their treatment in order to improve healthcare in this area. Nitro Digital worked with Andrew to develop his Twitter profile (@skincampaign) and strategy.

From Luddite to S&M Virgin.

‛So exactly just what sort of nerds get into facebook, twitter, google etc etc?“ ‛Why on earth am I being hassled by a pharma company about starting a twitter site“ – don’t they realise I’m already working 10/11 hour days and

Top 5 Twitter Analytic Tools (with some room for improvement)

Twitter logoKnowing which Twitter analytic tool to choose to measure the success of your twitter campaign, or compare your strategy with your competitors is a daunting task. There is a gold mine of analytic tools out there but not all of them are worth the trouble. Having sifted through many, many tools when conducting my own twitter strategy research I have picked out my top 5; these provided the most interesting and useful insights into the way a campaign engages with its followers.

These tools are vital for looking at the bigger picture of a twitter campaign. However, there are some obvious areas where this data could improve so I have also suggested 3 types of analysis that would be really useful if they were developed. Top 5 tools: 1. Trendistic is a twitter version of Google Adwords that

Tweeting from Soho Mountain

Twitter Urban Tick have been busy putting togther geospatial data from Twitter in fun and interesting ways. In the case above, they have created a whole new landscape based on the user data throughout London which starts at Soho Mountain - the epicentre of Twitter activity. Other cities can be viewed on creator Fabian Neuhaus' Flickr page Source:

World cup 2010 and where to follow on social media

World Cup 2010 Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month you may have missed the world cup preparations. All over the TV here in the UK and throughout my holiday in Spain last week, the world cup made every channel, every other advert and dominated the news. I thought it would be best to blend two of my personal loves together and tell you where you can keep up to date with the South Africa based world cup finals. Watch the games online (UK based) - BBC ITV Twitter - The Daily Telegraph world cup CNN world cup Four Four Two The FA Official world cup twitter account Tweet me football news World cup top tweets Henry Winter telegraph journalist England games are - Saturday 12 June, Kick off 7.30pm England v USA Channel - ITV1 and ITV HD Friday 18 June, Kick off 7.30pm England v Algeria

Internet World 2010

As the title suggests Internet World 2010 is everything related to the web in a conference/expo format. Some of the big web hosts were there, Rackspace were pushing there new no more servers and had a huge stand as you walked in, Ukfast probably had the biggest stand and most appeal with a race car right in the middle of the expo floor, obviously a big win for the amount of men and suits who attended Earls Court 2 (yesterday) As you can imagine there were numerous businesses there talking about social media and the impact it is having on businesses. Many of the companies who presented actually in my humble opinion actually missed the point of social media, (this for me) is where the web is made fair more personal, where work is personalised via the internet and allows you to make personal

This weeks top 5 social media news 17/04/10 to 23/04/10

This week there has been many stories in social media, some good news some bad news, here are my top 5 news worthy stories - 1. Facebook like button This was a small change from Wednesday, rather than becoming a fan, you know Like it. There have been are a few groups started which have made me giggle this week - If you need to think about these, you probably do not get the humour It rough It dirty Nice and slow 2. LinkedIn new features The professional social network has taken another step to becoming more social. I personally like LinkedIn, offers some cool features which others do not! New features include New URL shortner - Facebook like attach a link and preview3. Facebook f8 conference The Facebook f8 conference, is the developers conference. Being the most popular social

The best free Twitter user guides available online

Over the last few weeks, there has been many people ask me about Twitter, not just why is it popular but what does "tweet" mean? What are followers? And why should I use Twitter? The best guide to Twitter Well I thought it was best to share the best guides available - Official Twitter 101 guide Newbies guide to Twitter Mashable's video guides to Twitter The Times beginners guide to Twitter Twitter hashtags you should know (My previous hastag post) Mashable's guide on how to amend your Twitter background Here is a very cool Twitter guide for you to flick through

If you have any better user guides or would like to ask any questions, please do let me know :) Danny Denhard

Flomax Relief Official TV Advert

I would like to introduce one of our clients Boehringer Ingelheim new adverts, you may have seen it in between the great Arsenal vs Barcelona game last night on ITV1. Here is the full 30 second tv advert -Peeman as it has been dubbed in our office is a very catchy advert for BPH wouldn't you agree? A little background to Flomax Relief, - BPH is

Benign prostatic hyperplasia, the medical term for a non-malignant enlarged prostate

It effects 1 in 4 men between 45 - 75. It has a great new website if you are worried about a friend, partner or parent, the address is They have a dedicated YouTube channel you can also check out the shorter 10 second ad here. The adverts will be shown across many channels including ITV, Five and Sky networks. I got to say I love the Pee-man!