Mobile Money and Starbucks

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog that asked whether mobile payment will stamp out the need for cash. My conclusion fell on the side that it would take over cash and, much to my delight, today’s announcement from Starbucks is evidence that mobile payment really is pushing its way in. The coffee giant has just rolled out a pilot programme in San Francisco and New York for a digital Starbucks card for iPhone and blackberry. The card lets users pay by holding up the 2-D barcode on their smartphone to the scanner at the counter. The card works much like oyster cards – you can either top it up online manually or you can set an auto-reload that will take money from your account at a scheduled time or when your balance falls below a particular point. This technology fits in particularly

The best free Twitter user guides available online

Over the last few weeks, there has been many people ask me about Twitter, not just why is it popular but what does "tweet" mean? What are followers? And why should I use Twitter? The best guide to Twitter Well I thought it was best to share the best guides available - Official Twitter 101 guide Newbies guide to Twitter Mashable's video guides to Twitter The Times beginners guide to Twitter Twitter hashtags you should know (My previous hastag post) Mashable's guide on how to amend your Twitter background Here is a very cool Twitter guide for you to flick through

If you have any better user guides or would like to ask any questions, please do let me know :) Danny Denhard