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Pinterest in Healthcare

In the past year, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry has come to embrace social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. It has been proven that creative social media campaigns and strategies can successfully connect pharma brands to patients and healthcare professionals across the globe.

While the first generation of social media channels are now widely used within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, new networks like StumbleUpon and Pinterest have not yet been mastered. 
Pinterest is a social pinboard where users can share theme-based photos they find interesting, inspiring or entertaining. This social media newbie is one to watch out for as it generated 10,000,000 registered subscribers in just under 2 years, and it has been proven to refer more

Facebook's "people are talking about this" metric explained

Facebook has undergone a radical transformation over the past couple of weeks. This transformation involved changes to the news feed, privacy settings and adding a ‘subscribe’ option to profiles, just to name a few. Most of these new features are pretty self-explanatory and have been adopted with relative ease however, the social network’s new ‛people are talking about this“ metric left many users puzzled. This new ‛people are talking about this“ number is pulled from a variety of interactions that occur on Facebook over the past seven-day period. The different interactions that make up the ‛people are talking about this“ metric are any pieces of content that users share in their timeline. This includes: - liking a page - posting to a page's wall - linking, commenting or

How do you measure ‘success’ in social media?

There is no doubt that social media can have a powerful impact on your business, which is why companies are so keen to jump on the social media bandwagon. What is often forgotten however is that having a Facebook page or a Twitter account just ‘for the sake of it’ or because ‘everyone else is doing’ is just not a good enough reason. Like any kind of marketing activity, social media marketing requires setting clear targets and goals which you can work towards. It is therefore crucial to set clear goals and define appropriate metrics for measurement. There are the obvious indicators such as the number of fans or followers, frequency of posts/comments etc. however, there are also more complicated factors to take into account. When investing time and funds into social media marketing

Facebook iFrames are a cunning next step on the road to major search $.

There have been a few really good posts about the features of the latest Facebook release to upgrade pages and the inclusion of web content via iFrames. I won’t go into these now but have a look at Mashable, Dose of Digital, and also our opinion at Nitro Digital. What’s getting me very excited (in a geektastic sort of way) is how the subtle combination of the following really does open the gates for Facebook to start to play properly in the search game: -  the roll out of some form of EdgeRank-based algorithm to the news feed; -  the ability to pull in existing web content more easily; -  the ability to ‘Like’ individual bits of platform content; and - the ordering of search results based on a combination of people, content and affinityPrediction for 2011 I

Facebook - the Marketer's favourite tool of the moment

When Facebook came out with the concept of a ‘Page’, I soon fell in love the ‘Like’ button. Keeping up with something you are interested in has never been so easy! According to the Facebook page manual, there are at least 20 million people that agree with this. What makes a Facebook Page different from a regular website is that it emphasizes on building public communities where people are connected according to their interests. The world’s most popular Facebook pages are related to games, celebrities, TV and multinational businesses. Tab Applications What makes a successful page? mentions that tab applications are one of the key ways to impress users. Tabs shown on a newly set up page are only ‘Wall’ and ‘Info’. However, Facebook allows users to