Things I like about the new Google Analytics

Google has introduced the new Analytics back in March 2011. Although I still use the old version, the new GA has definitely improved user experience by adding in new features. Below, I am going to share a few of my favourite features of the new Analytics. Real-time (beta) This report gives you an idea of what is happening on your site right now. It gets interesting if you have a website that has high traffic volume. Also, you will easily benefit from this report if you are running a social media campaign or a TV campaign. You will be able to find out how quickly users react to your Facebook page update, a tweet, or a TV ad and get the first impression on how effective a campaign is to engage users.  This video by Darren from problogger has given a great demonstration on the Real-time

PHP: caching proxy server for I-phone social hub app.

In this post I will walk you through my last project, which has been building a PHP caching proxy for an iPhone social hub app. I will not talk in detail about the actual hub implementation in this post, however I'll give you an overview of the service itself. The goals we wanted to achieve are to: 1. Provide a common interface to retrieve social content from different sources like: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, RSS and more; 2. Provide a caching proxy for certain slow network actions (Facebook profile images, Flickr images, etc...); 3. Push notifications to the app user when new information becomes available; 4. Monitor app user’s usage; The picture illustrates the general overview of our system.

The hub implements a RESTful interface for two actions, GET and POST: 1. The GET action is

Social Media News: Issue 3

Get yourself off to a good start on a Monday morning, and take a look at the social media news we've found for you. Enjoy!

Watch Facebook’s introduction to their new Messages product, which is definitely not email! 2. Third Life: Merging of the virtual and real worlds It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish the online from the offline world anymore. Many online media companies, such as Google, are working to ensure that the online and real worlds become seamlessly connected. Find out about the Third Life. 3. Editing your Google Docs on the go Google’s new document editor supports editing on your mobile browser. 4. The web may be lawless, but it won't stay that way These skirmishes over Twitter are a reminder

Top 5 Twitter Analytic Tools (with some room for improvement)

Twitter logoKnowing which Twitter analytic tool to choose to measure the success of your twitter campaign, or compare your strategy with your competitors is a daunting task. There is a gold mine of analytic tools out there but not all of them are worth the trouble. Having sifted through many, many tools when conducting my own twitter strategy research I have picked out my top 5; these provided the most interesting and useful insights into the way a campaign engages with its followers.

These tools are vital for looking at the bigger picture of a twitter campaign. However, there are some obvious areas where this data could improve so I have also suggested 3 types of analysis that would be really useful if they were developed. Top 5 tools: 1. Trendistic is a twitter version of Google Adwords that