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The best free Twitter user guides available online

Over the last few weeks, there has been many people ask me about Twitter, not just why is it popular but what does "tweet" mean? What are followers? And why should I use Twitter? The best guide to Twitter Well I thought it was best to share the best guides available - Official Twitter 101 guide Newbies guide to Twitter Mashable's video guides to Twitter The Times beginners guide to Twitter Twitter hashtags you should know (My previous hastag post) Mashable's guide on how to amend your Twitter background Here is a very cool Twitter guide for you to flick through

If you have any better user guides or would like to ask any questions, please do let me know :) Danny Denhard

Top 5 Social media news stories this week 09/04/10 to 16/04/10

Happy Friday. This week has been a very bizarre week for social media, it has been a very clear week for what has been making the headlines and worth reporting about. 1. Twitter news Twitter could fill the full five this week. Its been a week in which Twitter rolled out promoted tweets. In short they are tweets which are paid by partners. I did predict this around a month ago. 68% of users have suggested they are unhappy with the thought of promoted tweets. The promoted tweets were rolled out Tuesday the 13th. The second piece of news was the official launch of the Blackberry Twitter app I haven't personally used it but many people have made the step from Ubertwitter but did quickly make the step back. At the @chirp Twitter conference yesterday they did announce they were going to be

Eyeforpharma Post 2.0

It’s a month since Eyeforpharma and two weeks since I uploaded a survey for participant feedback- and the results are in. I can’t claim that 100% of attendees answered the survey because I would be lying, but a large enough number to warrant some thought and discussion did. Thank you so much to those sharers! I’ll run through the percentages with a little commentary. If you’re not interested in being teased with a ‘slow reveal’ though just click down to the bottom of the posting for a table of the results. 100% did you enjoy Eyeforpharma (#efp) 2010! That’s excellent news so well done to Jon Gwillim for organising such as resoundingly successful event, and to everyone else for contributing to discussion. No debate on that one then. 53% did learn about new marketing channels

5 alternative search engines

The term "google it" is everywhere, everyone's default search engine Google (90% or so here in the UK) may answer the majority of your questions but do not forget there are a number of good or in some cases better search engines available. Here is my Danny D's alternative search engines - 1. Yahoo! - Yahoo The runner up to Google in popularity, Yahoo! used to be the best search engine until Google appeared around 2000. Yahoo has some really nice features including dedicated section for shopping results and then the winner for me results via social networks. Do not forget Yahoo search will soon be powered by Bing. 2. Ask - Ask Jeeves is the fourth most popular search engine in the UK. Jeeves offers good tools and has a cool question and answer service along with games and currently dress