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The Evolving Collaborative Healthcare Environment


The Evolving Collaborative Healthcare Environment 
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Healthcare is changing to a more connected collaborative model.  This so called, ‘connected health’ approach, combining openness with behavioural science and technology services places greater emphasis on the role of patient lifestyle and behaviour modification. It also creates the conditions for the collection of awesome real world ‘big’ data! 
By connecting the key stakeholders to generate real world data will be able to provide the outcomes based justification to demonstrate safety, value and patient compliance that consumers and payers demand. 
All pharma need to be interested in looking at innovative solutions that work towards this collaborative open model to improve patient outcomes.
Corporate pharma marketing – Dealing with the industry's 'terrible' image

The idea of “big pharma” or “pharma giants” is an outdated one, yet the public perception of the industry as a whole remains jaded. In a recent Pharma Communications Conference, health journalists addressed the reputational issue faced by pharma brands. So how can those working in corporate communications change that negative perception using digital channels?



What does a “good” image look like in digital? Well, seeing your brand/product sites come up in search results and not seeing negative reviews, bad press and law firms looking to capitalise on prescription brands is a start. Having social channels that are interesting, current, and people are engaging on and sharing also adds to a positive image. Looking at your site performance metrics, seeing how, when and

Nitro has got its running shoes on!

At Nitro, we are one sporty bunch! This week, Vicky and Joelle are taking part in the 12th annual British 10k run on Sunday 8th July raising money for the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation.

We have raised £200 so far! Take a look at our JustGiving page and please donate as much or as little as you can!

Get involved! Join us for the British 10K Run or drop by to cheer the girls on!

Did you see the pictures from our first Nitro 5-aside football game? Visit our Facebook page!


The Diabetes Experience by Sanofi US: What Nitro Thinks

The DX is Sanofi’s new diabetes experience and a pretty major milestone for Pharma. This does not mean that the site does not have some points that it could improve upon, but on the whole it is a very positive indicator.


The Diabetes Experience by Sanofi US


It represents a good few things that Sanofi should be proud of.


Firstly someone actually managed to get this through approval. My hat comes off to that bold innovator whoever they may be.


Secondly it represents Pharma realising the true value of using KOLs and doing best of the web content. This kind of thing is essentially the cornerstone of any contemporary SEO and social strategy.


Of course there are going to be mainstream sites that do it a bit better, but none that have had to jump through the same

GSK’s new global Oncology franchise website: What Nitro Thinks

Doing benchmarking and research I’m pretty privileged to be able to use statistics and look objectively at what works. 90% of the time I end up finding that 90% of people could improve their digital presence fairly simply.


I love big pharma, but very few people in big pharma know how to do digital properly.

Hence I felt pretty awesome when GSKs new global Oncology site for healthcare professionals unexpectedly popped up.


Oncology is an interesting area in digital and I’ve been watching it professionally now for some time. It seems that the difference between the winners and losers is whether your pitching a product or not.


I’ve been seeing GSKs digital oncology strategy develop for a while and, increasingly, they look a lot like winners.

Video streams through Johnson & Johnson and Boehringer Ingelheim's Veins


The world has gone social media crazy.  The phenomenon has lent a strong culture toward sharing material, gathering useful data and creating greater engagement.  People power has become the most democratic way of ensuring videos, articles and photos enjoy optimum visibility.  Statistics including the number of views, volume of subscriptions and comments, from the general public, are a huge part of this.  
YouTube has become so successful that it has built a webpage to showcase these figures.  It is undoubtedly one of the first sites you think of when it comes to locating video content, whether it’s comical, educational or catch-ups that you desire. Additionally, other sites, such as Vimeo, Hulu and Veoh are following closely behind.  Some, such
Fight the flab using an app...

Some people really struggle to lose weight.  It can be a real problem navigating their way through the various diet and weight loss programmes on offer; it can be a complete minefield, and often, people have trouble incorporating a new lifestyle into their busy lives.  A new app might be set to change all that, whilst physicians will be able to prescribe it to those who could greatly benefit.

It concentrates on the Low Carb Diet and identifies foods according to their carb levels.  This saves the physician from having to explain the basics of nutrition every time the patient visits the doctor.  It also places autonomy back in the hands of the patient since they will be in control of their own calorie intake and energy spend.  The patient will
The eLogbook for surgeons…

The medical logbook is a key feature with regards to surgical training and much of the assessment is based on the surgical experience that is recorded in the logbook. 

Many of these logbooks are now digitalised, and one app that is often used is the ‘Surgical Logbook’.  The requirement to keep a personal log of theatre experiences, during surgical training, is now compulsory for all trainees.  
The app works in the following way; the user enters their details which allow the app to synchronise with their individual account.  (Also available for use with the app are operations and hospital codes, including favoured procedures, consultants and hospitals) The app is functional and straightforward to use.  For each speciality there are different options
The Novartis Innovation: a text really can save a life...

Malaria is a disease that still thwarts much of Africa.  Around 2,200 people die daily from it, many of them children.  The anti-malarial drugs that exist are extremely effective in curing those affected, however the problem very much revolves around maintaining an adequate supply of the drug.  

Pharmaceutical company, Novartis, has come up with an efficient way of maintaining adequate supplies in rural areas.  They have developed a way of tracking drug stockpiles, by using SMS texting, which ensures that enough of the anti-malarial drug is present, to try to counteract shortages.  The campaign is called ‘SMS for Life’ and has actively helped in reducing deaths.
It was first launched in 2010, and since its initial success in Tanzania, it
Lilly launches new oncology trial app

Lilly has launched a new oncology trial app designed for healthcare professionals. The app - available on the iPad and iPhone as well as BlackBerry and Android platforms - allows oncologists to search trials that are enrolling new patients by disease state, molecule being studied, study phase, state, and keyword.


The mobile app provides details on all global oncology trials and provides a mechanism for healthcare professionals to contact Lilly Oncology for additional details as well as a third-party contact for the non-Lilly clinical trials.


According to Anne White, senior director of portfolio management with Lilly Oncology , “Lilly Oncology created the Clinical Trial Resource mobile app to offer cancer care professionals an easy way to search for and identify details about