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Social Media News: Issue 14

Welcome to this week's issue of social media news.

Salesforce debuts a more social service Cloud 3 with Chatter, Facebook and Twitter integrations Chatter, the company’s ‛Facebook for the Enterprise,“ was recently updated with Facebook and Twitter-like features, including likes, @replies, trending topics and more. And today, Salesforce is injecting social into the new version of Service Cloud 3, the company’s customer service SaaS application.

Charlie Sheen sets new Twitter Guiness World Record Charlie Sheen may or may not be ‛winning,“ in life, but he has won a rare honour: the ‛Fastest Time to Reach 1 Million Followers“ Guinness World Record. Guinness community manager Dan Barrett says the agency ‛just researched and approved“ the record this

Social Media News: Issue 12


Google’s Speak2tweet to help those in Egypt Google have been thinking of what they could do to help people in Egypt as their internet access is restricted. They came up with the idea of a speak-to-tweet service—the ability for anyone to tweet using just a voice connection- no internet necessary. Working with a small team of engineers from Twitter, Google and SayNow, a company they acquired last week, they built this system that allows anyone to post a tweet by simply leaving a voicemail on one of these international phone numbers (+16504194196 or +390662207294 or +97316199855) and the service will instantly tweet the message using the hashtag #egypt. New Facebook Page creation Flow Facebook have rolled out a streamlined Page creation process to help businesses, brands, and

The Role of Social Media in Egypt

Social Media in Egypt

‛It used to be said that the pen was mightier than the sword, but if last week's revolution in Egypt is anything to go by, then Facebook may be mightier than an autocratic regime“

This quote from the has encapsulates what thousands of people around the world have been talking about regarding the Egyptian protests to end the 30 year rule of President Mubarack, which reached its highest point so far after Friday’s mass rally in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Mr Mubarak has said he will not stand for re-election in September but insists he must stay until then to prevent chaos in the country. Protesters demand that he goes immediately. As the turmoil in Egypt and the Middle East continues this week, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitterare proving ...
Social Media News: Issue 10

Welcome to this week’s social media news with a selection of some of the weird and wonderful news from around the web.

Rupert Murdoch’s ipad newspaper took a hit this week with a forecast that launching newspaper iPad apps will not be as popular as predicted. The latest research from Knowledge Networks shows that, despite the mammoth sales of iPad with more than 17 million sold last year,  a mere 13% of iPad users are likely to download an app for a magazine or paper they already pay for – and that out of a current average of 24 apps per user, only six involve payment. Will his paper ‛The Daily“ be able to thrive in this environment? British engineers are planning to put a mobile phone in space. Astronauts tweet from space, Nasa releases their own foursquare badge, and now

The Future of Healthcare on the Internet

How has the internet affected healthcare?Access to the internet has caused a number of changes in the way that we manage our health and consume health-related services. We are becoming more proactive in accessing information ourselves about the symptoms or illnesses we develop through the help of the internet.

There are many illnesses that sufferers find embarrassing or can even feel stigmatised for, which can deter them from seeking help from their physician. Users are much more willing to learn about their symptoms or condition using the anonymity of the internet. Through this action, they can begin to understand their condition or symptoms within the comfort of their own home. Reduction in costs for the NHS In the UK, this change has taken some of the pressure off the NHS costs. NHS Direct's telephone and online services have

Social Media News: Issue 8

Welcome to the first Social Media news update of 2011! The Wikileaks saga continues… The US government has demanded personal details of people connected to Julian Assange on Twitter. Twitter has been one of the main forums where supporters and opponents of the whistle-blowing site have debated the issues, which resulted in them being dragged into the affair. If US authorities have the power to demand confidential of overseas users, this could damage the image of Twitter’s role as a forum for free expression. Reports indicate that the Department of Justice may seek to indict him on charges of conspiring to steal documents with Private First Class Bradley Manning, a US Army intelligence analyst who is facing up to 52 years in prisonSkype launches video app for iPhone Only 6 months after

10 Top Blogging Tips

The first blog was reportedly written in 1995 when Carolyn Burke published her first entry for Carolyn’s diary. Since then, the blogosphere has expanded to the point that a new blog is started every second. Blogging requires time and patience else you will just join the band of the masses in producing another blog about nothing.

Here are my top 10 blog writing tips for writing an interesting but easy to read post to entice and maintain readership.

1. First and foremost, remember to create a post free from spelling and grammar mistakes!

2. The old adage of 'Content is king' does work in this sphere and is the key to getting up the ladder on the google rankings. Think about something that genuinely interests you – your readers will appreciate it!

3. Choose trending topics and makes sure

Social Media News: Issue 6

1. Wikileaks

The big story over the last two week has been Wikileaks which has just kept on rolling out thousands of leaked US classified documents. This has been a trending topic worldwide since the story first came out at the end of November. Searches for the keyword ‘wikileaks’ peaked when the story first broke on both Google and Twitter (see graphs below for Google Insights and Trendistic, a keyword tool for Twitter). Interest is on a steady decline but still at the back of people’s minds. Like to know more about Wikileaks? Check out Andy’s blog explaining the website and its popularity. 2. The Great Twitter Secret Santa The Great Twitter Secret Santa pairs you up with another Twitter user you’re following or who follow you to be his or her Secret Santa. To participate,

Social Media News: Issue 4

Welcome to the fourth issue of our social media news series bringing you the top social media stories from last week.

1. All government websites could be scrapped to make way for one centralised system.

All government websites could be scrapped and replaced with a single domain where people will be able to log on and file their tax returns, apply for housing benefit or monitor their child benefit payments, ministers indicate today. This is to help the poorest people organise applying for finiancial help from the state. However, this move has already been criticised that it marginalises people without access to internet, such as the elderly or those in extreme poverty. This is better known as the digital divide, an issue that has been explored by Adwoa and has been actively targeted by

Are the first iPad news apps worth the cost?

The iPad so far is a runaway success, with sales expected to reach almost 13 million this year and 20 million in 2011. Stephen Fry puts this success down to the beauty of the device and its user experience. He lovingly describes his experience with his iPad as being ‘almost like a game’ as users can get that ‘Minority report moment’ when Tom Cruise is pulling out and bringing in pages onto his handheld gadget. If anybody was going to make me want an iPad, he just did it. You can see the full, and rather charming, interview here. iPad and the Future of Journalism At Nitro, we have been keeping a close eye on how the iPad is going to affect the success of the newspaper industry. In these blogs we noted that the iPad’s design and target audience may provide the chance for the