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Things I like about the new Google Analytics

Google has introduced the new Analytics back in March 2011. Although I still use the old version, the new GA has definitely improved user experience by adding in new features. Below, I am going to share a few of my favourite features of the new Analytics. Real-time (beta) This report gives you an idea of what is happening on your site right now. It gets interesting if you have a website that has high traffic volume. Also, you will easily benefit from this report if you are running a social media campaign or a TV campaign. You will be able to find out how quickly users react to your Facebook page update, a tweet, or a TV ad and get the first impression on how effective a campaign is to engage users.  This video by Darren from problogger has given a great demonstration on the Real-time

Natural Disasters

The past year has given rise to a number of natural disasters occurring across the globe. Digital Media has played an increasingly vital role in helping those affected to deal with the disasters more effectively than ever before. Most recently, the 9.0-magnitud earthquake in Japan has caused significant damage to the country; thousands of people were killed in this disaster. If you want to know the latest news, please visit this BBC site. I only have two friends who live in Japan. Both of them live in Tokyo where the quake has caused fires, damage to buildings, and blackouts. I was worried about their safety when the earthquake hit on 11th March and could really understand the desperation felt by many of not being able to contact loved ones. Apart from help provided by local rescue

Facebook - the Marketer's favourite tool of the moment

When Facebook came out with the concept of a ‘Page’, I soon fell in love the ‘Like’ button. Keeping up with something you are interested in has never been so easy! According to the Facebook page manual, there are at least 20 million people that agree with this. What makes a Facebook Page different from a regular website is that it emphasizes on building public communities where people are connected according to their interests. The world’s most popular Facebook pages are related to games, celebrities, TV and multinational businesses. Tab Applications What makes a successful page? mentions that tab applications are one of the key ways to impress users. Tabs shown on a newly set up page are only ‘Wall’ and ‘Info’. However, Facebook allows users to