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World cup 2010 and where to follow on social media

World Cup 2010 Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month you may have missed the world cup preparations. All over the TV here in the UK and throughout my holiday in Spain last week, the world cup made every channel, every other advert and dominated the news. I thought it would be best to blend two of my personal loves together and tell you where you can keep up to date with the South Africa based world cup finals. Watch the games online (UK based) - BBC ITV Twitter - The Daily Telegraph world cup CNN world cup Four Four Two The FA Official world cup twitter account Tweet me football news World cup top tweets Henry Winter telegraph journalist England games are - Saturday 12 June, Kick off 7.30pm England v USA Channel - ITV1 and ITV HD Friday 18 June, Kick off 7.30pm England v Algeria

Social media news catch up

Hey, sorry I didn't have chance to post the last two weeks social media news. Thought I would run through the most news worthy social media stories and developments over the past couple of weeks. [caption id="attachment_497" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Social media news catch up"]Social media news [/caption] Hootsuite update Well if you have read my previous updates or follow me on Twitter you will know Hootsuite is my Twitter and social media management suite, well without boring you too much here are the features from the Hootsuite blog -

Message Assignment — Delegate Twitter and Facebook updates to team members via a pull-down menu Message Annotations — Add notes to the assigned messages to provide context or instructions Assignment Forwarding — Not the correct department? Re-assign a

Social it just a fad?

Social media has clearly become an important part of modern day life and business. [caption id="attachment_462" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Social media"]Social media how the puzzle fits together[/caption] Its been a huge discussion for over a year, but this video really explains what social media is and what impact it actually has....and why it is not just a fad The main stats I took from this video -

Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30-years-old 1. 96% of them have joined a social network 2. Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the U.S. 3. Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the Web 4. Facebook added over 200 million users in less than a year 5. We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.“ 6. If Facebook were a country it would be

Up to date news on the general election 2010

I thought seeing as most people in the UK are actually talking about today's General Election it would be a nice to tell you how to keep up to date on the voting! On Twitter you can keep up to date with the following hashtags #ge2010 and #UKvote On Facebook - Democracy UK For the best mash up's check out Exit Polly OR The Guardian's clever way of mash up tweets (to get involved you tweet #ukvote and your post code) I also have you covered if you need a walk through if you do not know what to do aboutmyvote Danny

This weeks top 5 social media news 23/04/10 to 30/04/10

This week has been a good week for social media maybe not so great for Google, below will reveal all - 1. Facebook like button now replaces back links? Something both Google and SEO'ers are slightly concerned about is the new Facebook like button. Facebook have made a very smart move in my opinion by creating a button which tells your friends what you like with one click, maybe something that were inspired by the Retweet back early 2009. Watch this space how it evolves and where the Like button crops up but for now its a watch this space2. LinkedIn adds follows Companies LinkedIn after their recent changes (here is my LinkedIn blog about last week), have become socially and company friendly with follow companies in LinkedIn. Not sure how good this will be but sure the huge companies will

Internet World 2010

As the title suggests Internet World 2010 is everything related to the web in a conference/expo format. Some of the big web hosts were there, Rackspace were pushing there new no more servers and had a huge stand as you walked in, Ukfast probably had the biggest stand and most appeal with a race car right in the middle of the expo floor, obviously a big win for the amount of men and suits who attended Earls Court 2 (yesterday) As you can imagine there were numerous businesses there talking about social media and the impact it is having on businesses. Many of the companies who presented actually in my humble opinion actually missed the point of social media, (this for me) is where the web is made fair more personal, where work is personalised via the internet and allows you to make personal

This weeks top 5 social media news 17/04/10 to 23/04/10

This week there has been many stories in social media, some good news some bad news, here are my top 5 news worthy stories - 1. Facebook like button This was a small change from Wednesday, rather than becoming a fan, you know Like it. There have been are a few groups started which have made me giggle this week - If you need to think about these, you probably do not get the humour It rough It dirty Nice and slow 2. LinkedIn new features The professional social network has taken another step to becoming more social. I personally like LinkedIn, offers some cool features which others do not! New features include New URL shortner - Facebook like attach a link and preview3. Facebook f8 conference The Facebook f8 conference, is the developers conference. Being the most popular social

The best free Twitter user guides available online

Over the last few weeks, there has been many people ask me about Twitter, not just why is it popular but what does "tweet" mean? What are followers? And why should I use Twitter? The best guide to Twitter Well I thought it was best to share the best guides available - Official Twitter 101 guide Newbies guide to Twitter Mashable's video guides to Twitter The Times beginners guide to Twitter Twitter hashtags you should know (My previous hastag post) Mashable's guide on how to amend your Twitter background Here is a very cool Twitter guide for you to flick through

If you have any better user guides or would like to ask any questions, please do let me know :) Danny Denhard

Top 5 Social media news stories this week 09/04/10 to 16/04/10

Happy Friday. This week has been a very bizarre week for social media, it has been a very clear week for what has been making the headlines and worth reporting about. 1. Twitter news Twitter could fill the full five this week. Its been a week in which Twitter rolled out promoted tweets. In short they are tweets which are paid by partners. I did predict this around a month ago. 68% of users have suggested they are unhappy with the thought of promoted tweets. The promoted tweets were rolled out Tuesday the 13th. The second piece of news was the official launch of the Blackberry Twitter app I haven't personally used it but many people have made the step from Ubertwitter but did quickly make the step back. At the @chirp Twitter conference yesterday they did announce they were going to be

Top 5 social media news 29/03/2010 to 02/04/2010

Happy Easter, sorry for the late posting of the weekly update, been a hectic week with extra long Easter weekend. It's been a very interesting couple of weeks in social media and search. Last week's highlights and top 5 news items are - 1. Google Buzz privacy Much has been made of the latest social network and the openess of Google Buzz. Google did rush Buzz out into the mass market and numerous holes were found on the day of release. When you log into Google mail or gmail and select Buzz you should have been prompted to accept your details. It will ask you to verify your details, please read the information (I know no one does but there are many interesting points, including what followers can see and your public information) 2. Facebook purchases Divvyshot The biggest social network