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QIC (Quality in Care) Diabetes 2013 Awards

Quality in Care (QiC) Diabetes Awards 2013


In its third year the QiC Diabetes Awards continue to impress. Last nights’ flagship event for the collaborating members of the diabetes community went off brilliantly. Hosted in the atrium at Sanofi UK ably as ever by Simon O’Neil, from Diabetes UK and Caroline Horwood from Sanofi Diabetes UK & IE the awards showcased the sheer breadth of innovation and initiative that is being shown by professionals and patients alike in raising awareness about diabetes in the UK or improving patient care or treatment pathways. 


The event is inspiring, more than ever in fact and I’d go as far as saying it’s my personal favourite of all the award ceremonies on the circuit. That’s partly a function of the increasing breadth and

QiC Diabetes Awards 2012 @ Sanofi

Wow how time flies. It’s been a year and it’s time for the inspiring QiC Diabetes Awards again.

This is actually my favourite awards event of the year because it recognises great work by clinicians and patients collaborating with their supporting partners. It’s about real grass roots innovation and I believe it’s a great template for building the health care system of the future.

The event itself is a growing undertaking. There are more people here than last year and about 90 entries. Organised by the PM Group once again the Sanofi Diabetes team are sponsoring the event which is hosted Sanofi’s UK Guildford HQ.

QiC Diabetes logo

The judging panel is particularly strong this year chaired and organised by Anna Morton of NHS diabetes and Simon O’Neil but with other notable judges like Becky Reeve

Retail Distribution Review (RDR) – An Opportunity for Financial Services

No longer does the ‘loudest’ message automatically win the marketing race. The rise of digital has offered unparalleled opportunity for the 'clearest' message to win out. This is especially true in the financial services industry, with consumer opinions veering wildly between the ‘Del Boy’ image recently highlighted in a recent survey and one of too many hidden charges.

The recent Retail Distribution Review (RDR) is paving the way for a significant change in the landscape in which financial advice is offered with an onus on all advisers to:

  • Explicitly disclose and separately charge clients for their services;
  • Clearly describe their services as either independent or restricted
  • Adhere to consistent professional standards, including a code of ethics

Continuing the theme

Quality in Care (QiC) Diabetes Awards 2012 – Now Open for Entries! Deadline 25th May

At Nitro Digital, we are always on the lookout for events and awards that foster innovation in healthcare and the Diabetes Quality in Care (QiC) Awards is a prime example of this. Supported by Diabetes UK, NHS Diabetes and Sanofi, the QiC Awards recognises best practice initiatives in diabetes care, offering nation-wide exposure to outstanding projects that promote innovative solutions to the treatment and management of diabetes.

Earlier this year, it was announced that the QiC Awards will be running again this year. Entries for 2012 are now welcome from healthcare groups that have launched diabetes-related projects in the UK between January 2008 and December 2011. 
Having attended last year’s awards ceremony, I found it to be a truly fantastic event packed full of high-profile

The Quality in Care (QiC) Diabetes programme is back this March for another year! Supported by Diabetes UK, NHS Diabetes

An interesting press release rattled through the virtual wires and promoted this post.


I had the pleasure of attending the first Diabetes QiC awards back in November 2011, a night that celebrated and recognised innovation and solutions coming from within the NHS and the community. It was a great experience and an even greater feeling to know that it will be running again this year.


Diabetes QIC Awards


Quality in Care (QiC) Diabetes 2012 will be announced at this year’s Diabetes UK conference in Glasgow, from 7th-9th March, when entries for the QiC awards 2012 will open. Judging by last year’s QiC award winners, hailed as ‛examples of excellence“ by Simon O’Neill from Diabetes UK, there is going to be some stiff competition in 2012!


Launching an Online Innovation Showcase for

Merry Christmas Boehringer Ingelheim, Sanofi, Lilly, Viropharma, HCA, Passport2Health, Hay Group, Credit Suisse, CAN Advertising, Periproducts, and all the rest of our brilliant clients.
??So good tidings I bring to all the Johns, Phil's, Mike’s, Chris’, Frank’s, Faith’s, Hazel's, Martina's, Aasim’s, Catherine’s, Ben’s, Karen’s, James’, David’s, Julia’s, Duncan’s, Nick's, Becky’s, Bert’s, Mar’s, Joelle's.. I could go on.… you know who you are. We've had a wonderful year at Nitro Digital, a few challenges   along the way but by any metric it’s been a raging success but we've only had that opportunity because at some point a client decided to trust us and for that I am personally and publicly grateful and indebted. The Nitro team are a hardworking, skilled and unbelievably motivated bunch but we only get the chance to  do what we do because you, our clients, made a choice to choose  Nitro and as we reflect on a year about to fade ...
News Flash from the Inaugural PM Group Diabetes QIC (Quality In Care) Awards at Sanofi UK – 17th November 2011

News Flash from the Inaugural PM Group Diabetes QIC (Quality In Care) Awards at Sanofi UK – 17th November 2011 Now, I have been to a few awards ceremonies in my time and obviously the ones you win at go down in legend and the ones you don’t get parked in the darker bits of the grey matter. So, attending the inaugural Diabetes Qic awards was a refreshing change and really rewarding experience given there were no possible gongs to be won. Why? – Well a number of things. Let’s start with scene setting and build the story. We all know (but perhaps we don’t call it out enough) that diabetes is the great stalking threat to our health system. It’s chronic, emotive, comes in many forms with many consequences and is often ignored. I think a quote from Simon O’Neil, one of the

Facebook iFrames are a cunning next step on the road to major search $.

There have been a few really good posts about the features of the latest Facebook release to upgrade pages and the inclusion of web content via iFrames. I won’t go into these now but have a look at Mashable, Dose of Digital, and also our opinion at Nitro Digital. What’s getting me very excited (in a geektastic sort of way) is how the subtle combination of the following really does open the gates for Facebook to start to play properly in the search game: -  the roll out of some form of EdgeRank-based algorithm to the news feed; -  the ability to pull in existing web content more easily; -  the ability to ‘Like’ individual bits of platform content; and - the ordering of search results based on a combination of people, content and affinityPrediction for 2011 I

Wow Customer Service

As we approach the end of the year I’ve been thinking a lot about our business; how it’s changed and grown over the past year and most importantly what have been the drivers, what and who we owe it to, and what we need to do in the future. This may sound a bit twee and probably goes without saying but we are an agency business and our business model is all about being at the front of the pack and delivering an amazing customer experience. So to all our clients this post is a very personal and very big thank you…. and a promise.A promise based on a case study that I came across while reading Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler’s book, Empowered. For those of you who have not got to it yet or who have it sat on the bookshelf goading you, it’s a very practical shift from the Groundswell

Game development - call for collaboration...

Back in the day, from dawn until very late I used to spend my time poring over financial models whilst trading options for Credit Suisse. At some point in the first dot com bubble I think I must have suffered an allergic reaction to maths, and for some reason Messrs Black & Scholes and I have not been on speaking terms much since. Until recently that is, when Facebook launched their locative service Facebook Places. Bear with me, but this got me thinking .....I have recently been toying with ideas around how we could use option and forward commodity pricing models to price and create a futures market for keywords for our ad technology Nixxie (that's for another day), when a ‘what if’ moment occured. What if we could use financial models to model and create game play around