Facebook iFrame

Facebook iFrames are a cunning next step on the road to major search $.

There have been a few really good posts about the features of the latest Facebook release to upgrade pages and the inclusion of web content via iFrames. I won’t go into these now but have a look at Mashable, Dose of Digital, and also our opinion at Nitro Digital. What’s getting me very excited (in a geektastic sort of way) is how the subtle combination of the following really does open the gates for Facebook to start to play properly in the search game: -  the roll out of some form of EdgeRank-based algorithm to the news feed; -  the ability to pull in existing web content more easily; -  the ability to ‘Like’ individual bits of platform content; and - the ordering of search results based on a combination of people, content and affinityPrediction for 2011 I