Pharma and Twitter: How one brand is leveraging social around events!

Twitter recently highlighted through a case study, the success of Boehringher Ingelheim (BI) at the European Respiratory Society Congress 2013 (ERS) after they ran a successful TweetChat with media and healthcare professionals on COPD.

BI is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in world but, as such, the challenge they face is raising awareness and engagement in a strictly regulated industry.  Many of the promotional techniques that are open to other non Pharma brand names are not available to BI and so other methods of engagement are constantly being explored.

The overall objective was to engage healthcare professionals (HCP's) and media who were interested in respiratory conditions to join the conversation on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) during the

Social Media in the Pharmaceuticals Industry 2014

Last month Nitro’s David Clare attended Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry conference, which brought together industry leaders to share their thoughts, best practices and challenges in using social media.

We all know social media is a powerful tool, both for listening to the conversation, engaging with it and even starting your own. With user profiles so detailed, social media is a powerful tool in zeroing in on your target audience.While the event reminded us of this, it is clear there is plenty more that can be done in the pharma industry. Naturally, there are barriers that no other market faces, but as the conference showed, those who do social media see great benefits and results.

A recurring example of this was Boehringer Ingelheim, who received a big pat on the back at the

Game Mechanics for Facilitating Behaviour Change

Last week Nitro Digital attended ‘Digital Pharma Advances’ #pharmaconf to talk about Game Mechanics in healthcare and specifically around the topic of ‘adherence’.  Entitled, ‘The Future of Healthcare will be Fun’ my central position is that game mechanics as a core component of digital tracking can help facilitate behaviour change in the long term.  It’s pharma’s last blockbuster and well worth everyone’s consideration.

After a slightly false start (where the projector flatly refused to project my slides -not awkward) I really enjoyed talking, and certainly from my perspective, the audience certainly seemed to open to the ideas i wanted to share.

Satisfaction Guarenteed

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide play computer games, and it’s becoming more and more mobile. Why can’t

QIC (Quality in Care) Diabetes 2013 Awards

Quality in Care (QiC) Diabetes Awards 2013


In its third year the QiC Diabetes Awards continue to impress. Last nights’ flagship event for the collaborating members of the diabetes community went off brilliantly. Hosted in the atrium at Sanofi UK ably as ever by Simon O’Neil, from Diabetes UK and Caroline Horwood from Sanofi Diabetes UK & IE the awards showcased the sheer breadth of innovation and initiative that is being shown by professionals and patients alike in raising awareness about diabetes in the UK or improving patient care or treatment pathways. 


The event is inspiring, more than ever in fact and I’d go as far as saying it’s my personal favourite of all the award ceremonies on the circuit. That’s partly a function of the increasing breadth and

Nitro Develops Heart Rhythm Monitor with the AF Association

Nitro Digital have been working with the Arrhythmia Alliance and AF Association to develop a new app which can be used to quickly detect heart rate and rhythm.

A fast, slow or irregular heartbeat could be a sign of an electrical problem with the heart, and as such, close monitoring, amongst other things, is crucial for maintaining awareness of the condition.

'Know Your Heart Rhythm' aims to record your heart rate utilising the iPhone’s camera to monitor and measure pulse rate, then providing users with the ability to compare their rhythm visually with slow, fast or irregular rhythm examples.

Know Your Heart Rhythm AppUsers are then able to share their results via Twitter, Facebook or email, and also save for reference at a later date, perhaps to discuss with their physician.

The app launched in the App Store last

Nitro Digital Opens New York Office

ULTRA Health Technologies has officially landed, and we’re very excited about our expansion into the US market.


The new office is an amazing space, located at 568 Broadway, in the heart of Soho (known for its great shopping and celebrity-spotting) and has been described by Jules and Martina as “very eclectic and original with that true agency ambiance of creativity and collaboration.”


Martina CampbellOur US account director Martina Campbell joined ULTRA Health Technologies at the end of August and her focus is on the promotion, management, and establishment of the ULTRA suite of tools and services to clients in the US


Being in the US means that Martina will be able to represent the brand at networking events, not to mention collaborating with key health groups and agencies to

Robots Help Dementia Patients

Robot and FrankThe thought of robots being placed into homes to care for patients seems a little far-fetched, doesn't it? We are all familiar with robots integrating with human life thanks to Hollywood, but the closest film to reality is probably Robot and Frank. But why?


NHS Western Isles have started a pilot scheme to help patients with dementia live more independently. A relative or carer who is too far away for daily visits, can drive the robot around the patient's home in order to check all is ok and raise the alarm if need be. 


Giraff robots are 1.5m (4ft 11in) tall with wheels, and a TV screen instead of a head. A relative or carer can call up the Giraff with a computer from any location. Their face will appear on the screen allowing them to chat to the other

Pharma conference inspiration from Glastonbury

Over the weekend our Group Account Director donned her wellies to head down to the music festival Glastonbury. Whilst there she was impressed by the official app (sponsored by EE) of Glastonbury; a user centric app which delivers the latest in festival information direct to the user’s Smartphone. Glastonbury festival goers could access line-up information, as well as create their own gig guide in a personal planner, enabling them to ensure they didn’t miss their favourite artist perform. One of the really useful tools was the map feature too, especially when trying to find the EE charging tent (and your friends, of course!)


So how can this be used for pharma? Our team has been to huge conferences such as SXSW in Texas, and so they understand firsthand how important getting around

Nitro's MD rides for 1moreCycle

On June 20th Jules Pancholi joined the 2nd leg of 1moreCycle, cycling from Paris to Geneva over 4 days. The group travelled through Champagne, Burgundy, Chablis, and the Jura Mountains; eventually reaching their destination after 354 miles.


  • On day 1 the group assembled under the Eiffel Tower in Paris at around 9am, ready to set off in a South-Easterly direction towards the historic Fountainebleau for a spot of lunch, before completing their daily cycle to Sens.
  • Day 2 and the group were up early to cycle to Chablis before continuing on the medieval town of Semur-en-Auxois.
  • On day 3 Jules covered 105 miles from Semur-en-Auxois, to the Burgundy Canal, through Nuits St. George, before arriving in Lons-le-Saunier.
  • The final day of the ride; approximately 2050 metres total descent through the
Bonjour Doctors 2.0, and welcome to Paris Nitro Digital!

The 2013 Doctors 2.0 & You conference is being held in the Cité Universitaire, Paris, from 6th - 7th June 2013. Nitro's own: Andy Stafford, Peter Mortimer, Rachel Mills, and Jules Pancholi; are at the event along with Boehringer Ingleheim's John Pugh.


Aside from being an awesome networking event, we're super excited to be at Doctors 2.0 because John Pugh is sharing the beta Syrum game latest stats. On Thursday 6th at 1:30pm John will take the stage during the Physician engagement in global networked communities talk to present on gaming and competitive education. As part of his presentation he'll be sharing how successful Syrum been as a social media game on drug development within the pharma industry.


Can social media embrace a game about the phrama